All the facts about Beacons and Beacon Technology

Beacon technology still has people and business scratching their heads. How does it work and how is it integrated? This short FAQ by RoE2 should help.

In 2014 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and probably more specifically, beacon technology, started to get a lot of press miles. One of the main functions of Beacon tech is to connect your digital signage to the smart mobile devices within an area. Digital signage and beacon technology have been coined as the new power couple. Here we are discussing what we know about beacon technology and what it can do to your digital signage network.

  1. Beacon technology, brand advertising on a whole new level

Talk about brand awareness and consumer awareness; beacons can pinpoint a smartphones’ location from 100 metres or so. While it’s sensing the smart device (or the customer in this case) approaching, programmed content based on consumer information can be displayed on the signage. User based promotions can also be sent to their mobile devices along with so much more.

  1. Small, Medium and Big enterprises

Currently, the ones making moves are the bigger retail stores, the ones with multiple branches. There was some talk regarding beacon tech usage and how it’s practical applications have not reached the more local establishments. This is due to SME’s (Small and medium sized enterprises) not budgeting for technological advances in favour of immediately addressing physical profit generating solutions. It is safe to say though, that beacon technology has a place in being a standard in the retail industry’s overall structure in the near future.

  1. Permissions

For beacons to be granted access, first, a beacon application has to be installed in the customers’ device; the user has to opt in for notification and location permissions. For information to pass through between devices in a beacon integrated network, a device’s Bluetooth must be turned on and for more specific information to be sent and received device permissions need to be granted since it can send notifications, coupons and other content specifically programmed for certain customers.

  1. Informed buying decisions

Beacons in a retail environment do not necessarily have to trigger an action, it can simply collect data about your customers. Once data has been collected, businesses can create content and promotions targeted to a certain demographic. This way your customers can optimise their purchasing decision within your store.

  1. Where do we get them?

Apple has had the iBeacon since they released the IOS 7 which is the more known beacon technology that we currently have out in the open. Although iBeacon has no physical device for the sole purpose of beacon centred uses, that is an issue all on it’s own. There are other beacon manufacturers like Estimote, Blukii, the largest known manufacturer for beacons and Gelo being the more all-weather option.

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